Quinoa Milk

Quinoa milk seems like an odd enough way to return to the blog!

It’s summer and the goal is to enjoy it but also to live as frugal as possible. With time on my hands, that means it’s DIY time. I ran out of almond milk and am reluctant to purchase any more because my favorite kind, which tasted like marshmallows, was recently discontinued. Rather than buy a different almond milk, which would probably taste like disappointment, I made a vegan milk of my own from quinoa. Using quinoa instead of almonds is ideal because this way I’m not expecting to taste my former almond milk love! It’s an entirely different flavor. 


All I did was cook a tiny batch of quinoa with water until it was perfectly fluffy. After it cooled, I filled the Magic Bullet blender with half quinoa, and the other half water. Then I added a tiny dash of sea salt, along with a few drops of vanilla and blended until it was all liquid. The next step should have been to strain the remaining sediments but I don’t have cheesecloth on hand, so I just poured it from one container to the next, leaving out the grainy bits that had sunk to the bottom. It’s best served chilled.

photo (8)


I’m keeping the quinoa milk in an old kombucha bottle. The above picture is after I shook it, so all the foam is at the top. 

photo (7)


I tried out the quinoa milk yesterday in my late night snack of granola and berries and found it oddly satisfying. This morning I was surprised to find that it went really well in my iced coffee! It wasn’t as grainy as I imagined it would be, in fact, it was actually pretty smooth. I like the nutty flavor and love that it’s a subtle way of adding protein.  I also like that it is frugal and easy to make- just quinoa, water, salt, vanilla and a blender. Give the cows a break and try quinoa milk! 

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One Response to Quinoa Milk

  1. Brittany says:

    Ohh how interesting!! I would drink this for sure! YUM!

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