Summer Treat: Frugal Vegan Ice Cream


Or should I say vegan ice creme or ic’ream or some other variation of the word, since it is not actually a milk-based literal ‘ice cream’? I wonder if kids who grow up vegan are going to be under the impression that ice cream is spelled like “kind kreme” or that chicken is spelled “chik’n”. This is a serious matter…

Not that I’d know- it is a costly habit to buy vegan ice cream. So I stick with my 19cent bananas and make the most of them. I was about to have plain banana ice cream (just bananas with a splash of vanilla almond milk) as a snack right now but I craved something with more texture than the usual banana ice cream. My first thought was to scoop some chocolate hazelnut butter into the shake but then I realized I ate 3 whole jars in like a month awhile back, so my supply of that is nonexistent. Solution? Get to the root of things!

I threw some hazelnuts in the Magic Bullet, along with Whole Foods brand vegan chocolate chips and whirred away. The result was great! It reminded me of a Cookies n Cream Twister from Foster’s Freeze, which I am guilty of having on occasion since it’s a nice treat after walking the mile and a half up and down a huge hill to get from my house to civilization. Do make this for yourself so you can see how good vegan ice cream can be! I love that there are so many possibilities.

What’s your favorite?

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4 Responses to Summer Treat: Frugal Vegan Ice Cream

  1. Brittany says:

    Ohh this does sound good!! I will eat basically anything ice cream related.

  2. sheelbeel says:

    That sounds absolutely splendid! I must try!

  3. Yum🙂
    I’ve eaten so much banana ice cream this summer. So beats shelling out, like, $6 for a pint of coconut milk ice cream.
    (Literally heading downstairs now to whip up some banana + PB ice cream)

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