Filming around Northeast L.A.


*wrote this post awhile ago but never got around to publishing it til now…

Look where I was!! Severin+I took a short bus ride into Pasadena and stopped at City Hall. Pawnee City Hall! I am OBSESSED with Parks and Rec right now, even more so since Severin got me Season 2 for Christmas. So when I figured out that Parks and Rec shot nearby, I had to go check it out. I was insanely excited to be there!! Imagine if I had stumbled upon them filming- I am sure I would have passed out from excitement. 

Even more so had I been there during Li’l Sebastian’s Memorial Service!491

025^Recognize this building? I think it’s the library exterior, which would make sense since it’s located diagonal from City Hall, perfect for running to and fro.

Something else I saw prepping to shoot recently was a scene for the new Spiderman movie. I ran past it/through it early in the morning and later that night Andrew Garfield was there. I wish I had caught some web-slinging in action but I worked that night…


And something else that was shooting recently was The Gangster Squad. All early winter I had biked past crew parking and base camp on my bike rides to work in South Pasadena and I finally looked it up and realized what it was. A Ryan Gosling movie! *swoon* And they did some filming at my favorite place ever- the local $6 theater! I can’t wait to see the movie there, except I’m sure I’ll be wondering why they couldn’t have left the props up that made it look much nicer than it really is.

And on my way to work recently, I biked past Modern Family filming! They shoot in Pasadena often so I bet our paths will cross again, which would be fun.

I have lived in Los Angeles all my life but I still find the movie-biz stuff intriguing! Universal Studios is my favorite theme park and I do run into this stuff all the time so why not let myself be entranced with it? I’m pretty cynical but it’s fun to embrace the town for what it is most of the time.

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3 Responses to Filming around Northeast L.A.

  1. i love when i drive by a movie! yeah, it can make traffic a pain, but it is still totally awesome to see

  2. Brittany says:

    I think running into this stuff sounds awesome!! I have never driven by a movie, one day! Fingers crossed!

  3. Jess says:

    How cool! Must be amazing to live so close to it all!

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