If Only: Kale Tacos


If only the ubiquitous taco trucks of Los Angeles (particularly around my hood of northeast LA) sold kale tacos. It would be as simple as serving up the carne asada ones they now serve. Okay, maybe it’d be more costly but at least it’d be a whole lot healthier! And in my opinion, tastier.

I’m currently obsessed with kale. Kale in Asian stir-fries, kale with toast for breakfast, and kale tacos for lunch and dinner. After spending many an evening at work cooking ‘Crispy Kale’ for kids according to my lovely employer’s specifications, I decided to do it for myself at home. And now I can’t stop. Crispy Kale (kale with salt and evoo on the stove in a pan) works well wrapped in a corn tortilla alone but also tastes excellent when consumed alongside lots of Tapatio, black beans and feta cheese when I can afford it. Some crimini mushrooms or sweet potato chunks bulk up this dish but to the point where you won’t want to eat this in company. But then again, if your company disproves of eating kale tacos with black bean juice and hot sauce dripping out of your hand, then what kind of company is that?

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11 Responses to If Only: Kale Tacos

  1. Eggton says:

    Kale is the best. I recently moved out of New York to Alabama, where there are no Wholefoods stores, and I miss the kale with garlicy dressing. Sigh,

  2. cindylu says:

    My guess is veggies cost less than meat. And beans are cheap too, so a kale taco might be kinda cheap?

    Do you ever use queso fresco or queso ranchero to top veggie tacos? I love it on top of tacos de calabaza and it’s pretty affordable. I don’t buy feta, but I know the taste and texture is similar. Not sure about the cost.

  3. mmmm i need to have more kale in my life. it’s fun to eat and say!

  4. Tara says:

    I love the idea of kale tacos!! I was dreaming about tacos all day today actually. I haven’t had them in ages!! I’ll definitely have to try adding kale next time.

  5. sheelbeel says:

    My gosh that looks amazing! Such a clever idea!

  6. Brittany says:

    KALE FOR THE WIN! SO good.!!

  7. Ameena says:

    This looks really delicious! I wish I could buy something like this too…

  8. Crispy Kale is the best!
    These look amazing, and I think it’s time for me to try something new on taco night!

  9. Courtney says:

    that looks good! I love kale cooked down. strangely, I can’t really stand it raw, but it’s so good in so many things. I would visit that food truck if it existed.

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