Fun Saturday- Eagle Rock Music Festival

Friday afternoon for dinner I had an all-American (veggie) burger, fries and a Coke with a friend visiting from Germany. We biked from South Pasadena to Eagle Rock, where we walked around the farmer’s market, had Starbucks and Pete’s. We walked a little over 2 miles and by the end of the day, I had biked 14 miles. Eating often is necessary when you rely on your body to get you places!

 Friday night Severin came into town again for the weekend for the Eagle Rock Music Festival! I was so happy to see him the Rocky Road cinnamon bun he brought me from Cinnaholic! No picture because I inhaled it. Also, after a long car ride (via Craigslist rideshare) it wasn’t too pretty. But SO AMAZING! Sure, in LA we have Babycakes but it’s nowhere near as indulgent. Since Severin was hungry when he arrived, I threw together some leftover Mexican quinoa, goat cheese and bell pepper in a bowl. Yum!

The next morning we flipped through Peas&Thank You to figure out what to have for breakfast. Tofu Scramble it was! I did prepwork and Severin cooked+plated.


It was a great, huge, balanced breakfast: protein-black beans, tofu… veggies-broccoli stalk, avocado, spinach, onion, mushroom…fat-sour cream, avocado. Would you believe this kept us full for the next 8 hours?!

We ate, biked a couple of miles to Glendale to see a movie (debated between 50/50 and Drive…we went with Drive just to be ironic! Actually it was a great movie though I did have to shut my eyes through all the violence) and had a Hot Dog On A Stick lemonade. We biked home and had a bad experience. I’ve been cycling daily to get to work, 12-15 miles a day and by now, I would say I’m a pretty strong, confident cyclist. I bike 3-4 feet away from parked doors (out of the Door Zone) and sometimes this means taking up an entire lane. If that happens, it happens- bicycles have as much of a right as cars to be on the road. Well, this older lady didn’t think so and she was honking nonstop at Severin and I for a few blocks. In a car, a honk isn’t a big deal. Sitting on a bike and being out in the open it’s LOUD and startling! I couldn’t stop shaking and at a red light, we turned around (she had been right behind us the whole time) and asked what was the problem. She would only gesture to us that we should move out of the way and be on the sidewalk. So rude! If I hadn’t been so shaken up, I would have called the police to report that she was harassing us. I wish I had. Instead I shouted, No we can ride here and you need to stop honking, you CANNOT do that to us! But when I got home I was a crying mess because I was so upset. The lack of respect bothers me so much! I’m grateful I haven’t had to deal with that often. So if you drive, please remember that the road is very different from your perspective!


This is what it looks like from my perspective. Winking smile

After resting at home for awhile in preparation for being on our feet all night at the festival, Severin and I walked to Eagle Rock’s main street Colorado Blvd. We walked instead of biked because I didn’t want us to ride home around midnight once the festival ended; traffic (both car and bicycle) was crazy at that time so I’m glad we walked! We went straight to Brownstone for a small Margherita, my favorite!


We split this 60/40 because I have a big appetite and no shame! It was delicious- thin crust is the best! I do wish there had been more basil though because I can never get enough of that…

Want to know what it looks like when a major street is shut down and flooded with people? Like the world is ending. Like a whole bunch of fun!


This picture was taken early evening; but by the time it was dark, there were about a trillion more people. Literally! It was packed. I’m all for shutting down streets to make them into more people-friendly spaces so I enjoyed that but was very annoyed with all the smoking there was. At one point, I think the fumes were causing my contacts to melt! Here’s another PSA: people, WHY are you still smoking?! It’s disgusting, etc, etc. Ugh, I totally blame Mad Men. Winking smile

Severin and I stayed at the festival til the very end because we wanted to see Rooney. I thought it was cool that a band that had been on the OC and that has a couple of big songs was there at this free festival. Unfortunately, the song everyone was waiting for was cut off because it was past 11pm and the fire marshal said that was that. Sad smile

It was still fun though! Nice to run into friends and to hear so many different concerts going on. And to walk from one part of town to the other without worrying about cars!

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7 Responses to Fun Saturday- Eagle Rock Music Festival

  1. Rocky Road Cinnamon bun! This sounds delicious!
    Music festivals are awesome…nothing better than chilling & listening to good music🙂

  2. Sorry you had such an awful experience on your bike. I’ve never had to deal with anything like that, but I don’t bike anywhere near as much as you do. I’m glad that you got to chill at a music festival and end your day on a happier note.

  3. caloricandcrazy says:

    Your breakfast looks so delicious! Yesss to tofu scramble!🙂

  4. Tara says:

    I’ve never been to a music festival! I’ve always wanted to go. And you should never have any shame for devouring that much pizza – it’s freakin’ delicious, especially margarita!! I wish you had a picture of that cinnamon bun that Severin bought you… it sounds so good!

  5. Brittany says:

    Ahh that pizza looks SO GOOD!!! I would have split it 60-40 too..or maybe even 70-30..NEVER any shame! What a fun time!! I need to come to LA and hangout/bike/walk/eat with you all day!

  6. yumm that tofu scramble reminds me of a place i used to go to in college! Do you watch mad men?! I looove that show.

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