Bulldog 50K 2011

The long-awaited Bulldog 50K took place on what was basically the hottest day of the summer. I heard that the temperature was over 110 degrees. Totally not cool because everyone had been training in the cooler summer temps we’ve been experiencing.087

We arrived at Malibu Creek State Park around 4:40am, having awoken at 3am and departed at 4. It was dark out and warm, way too warm. Excitement was in the air, along with nerves, a ton of anxiety and restlessness as we waited for the race start at 6:30am. My family and I passed the time by handing out bibs to the racers. A pretty fun job as it was entertaining to see the different ways everyone was handling the anticipation. Some people were funny and enthusiastic; others were stuck in their heads, accepting the bibs silently with furrowed brows, wondering why they were about to do this to themselves. I wondered that too! It was fun to observe and think about how at races I’ve been the enthusiastic excited racer before and other times, the silent anxious racer who will run with fingers crossed.  


In this picture is the G-Team (G for Garcia). My dad looks a little more excited than my uncle but to be honest, I don’t know how they felt before the race because I didn’t see much of them. I’m sure both felt all the well wishes from my last post! Winking smile

Their 50K race began and then it was time to hand out bibs for the 25K. I was surprised (and kinda sad) by the number of bibs that went unclaimed for both races. After volunteer duty was over, it was time to wait.wait.wait. And wait we did. Thankfully we had a canopy to shade us with but it felt like we were in an oven set at 450*. I can’t imagine how it felt to be out there running- the few minutes I spent standing unprotected under the sun, I thought my shoes were about to melt!  All I did was sit in the shade, drink as much water as I had and try to eat my lunch but by the time runners were coming in, I felt my body not doing so well. I had made way too many trips to the restroom and was nauseous and shaky. I definitely should have made myself snack all day and drink whatever water I could get ahold of. 3 days later, I almost feel back to normal. I seriously need to never do that again to myself!

Back to the race, my uncle ended up being picked up at mile 23 or so. He was extremely dehydrated. He did not finish but what he did is still a major accomplishment!! To have made it that far in those conditions is admirable! Smile                                                        


My dad is crazy and ran in smiling. [Hear me using what must be my favorite word…!]



There’s proof that I was there in a green G-Team shirt!

Once he made it in, we drenched him in what water we had left, which wasn’t much because most had dried up. Seriously, it was HOT! Congrats to my dad for doing 31 miles in impossible conditions! Smile By the way, bib #88 got 88th  place! And finished in 7:21:55!



Who wants to run an ultra? I know I do!

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15 Responses to Bulldog 50K 2011

  1. Congrats to your dad! I can’t imagine running 31 miles, let alone on a trail in serious heat. Major props to him.

    I hope your uncle is doing okay!

  2. Geez almight, talk about what seems to be unbearable conditions! did they ever say they’d call the race off it it got too hot?

    Also, i TOTALLY wanna run an ultra!!! count me in🙂

    • hippierunner says:

      Actually, on the race page it had stated that temps would get over a hundred degrees, so that was expected! That’s why I didn’t sign up- I would have been so out of it! (Ultra-runners are INSANE!)

  3. Gosh I’d love to run an ultra one day!
    Hey congrats to your dad on completing 23k with the temp being that high. Great effort🙂

  4. Stephanie says:

    Yay to your dad and uncle! Wow…impressive stuff. And…ummm…no. I will never run an ultra. never, never, never. I honestly don’t even like to run around the neighbourhood! Ha! Put me on a bike, though, and I’ll just ride around and bring people water!

  5. Tara says:

    Pretty cool that his place matched his number!! Making it to mile 23 in those conditions is an amazing accomplishment, so congrats to both your dad and uncle! I’d love to do an ultra one day… but I think I have to conquer a marathon first.

  6. gteam says:

    Thank you for the support dear, knowing you and the rest of the family were at the finish was the the driving force, wish Severin could have been there. I kept imagining the finish during some pretty trying times on the trail and seeing your smiling faces and hearing the cheers got me to the end. By the way, the smile at the end was just pain!, can’t wait for the next one- 50 miles? Thanks again for all your encouragement and support, and a big thanks to all your readers for the well wishes.

  7. lifttorun says:

    Oh my gosh. That is amazing! Congrats to your dad and uncle.

    I totally want to do an ultra so badly.

  8. Ameena says:

    I can barely walk down the street in the heat, nevermind run in it! Congratulations to your dad and uncle – they are amazing!

  9. Wow! Big congratulations to your dad!

  10. I totally want to do a 50K! I don’t know when or how but I definitely want to. Cheers to your daddy! That’s rad!

  11. Whoa! Awesome! Congrats to them! 🙂

  12. I definitely want to run an ultra😉

  13. Amy says:

    i really wanna run an ultra!! im moving right near leadville, co in a couple weeks so im kinda tempted to try the leadville 100….considering how awful a marathon is, i dont know if i could do it haha

  14. carol says:

    What a great accomplishment!!!!

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