The Root Beer-Red Vine 5K

Last Saturday, Plant Food for People held a preview during the Northeast LA Art Walk. I was insanely excited to try their food! So excited I forgot to charge the camera.

I was supposed to go with friends but I wanted to be there right when they opened at 6pm (not way later). My mom came up with the crazy idea that she would go with me-if we ran there. I don’t know why this popped into her head but I agreed. I had been intent on biking the 1.5 miles there since that would take about 5 minutes but she is not very steady on a bike and was opposed to the idea of walking. So we ran! It took 14 minutes which was good considering my mom does not run. I was expecting it to be like on The Biggest Loser when they do their first run and collapse/puke after a few minutes but it was not that exciting. The run was good because my mom had a consistent pace, which is something I am terrible at. Unless I’m really feeling it, I tend to run accidental intervals: speedy then walk a minute then speedy. It’s something I’m working on!

The run was good but I wish we had been a minute faster. Because then we would have ended up in this picture on quarrygirl! It was taken moments before we got there, I know because I know what everyone in the line looked like…we waited half hour in line! The tacos were worth it but that wasn’t what took so long, it was that we didn’t have access to the menu until it was time to order and then once we ordered, there were elaborate instructions on how to use the free sticker they were giving out…

And then, finally I thought I was going to get my tacos but the people in line behind me were called first. I guess the paper plate on which they were writing the order on had been taken by one of the adorable kids. Finally, we had our tacos, one with tomatillo salsa for my mom and one with slaw for me. As soon as I took a bite I was instantly regretting the fact that I hadn’t ordered more. It was SO GOOD! The ‘vegan carnitas’ were made of jackfruit, which I had never had before but the texture was very close to carnitas and the spices they used to season it were AMAZING. The slaw complemented it perfectly and the pinto beans I had ordered on the side were very yummy. I can’t wait for the artwalk next month; I will definitely be first in line and order a ton. They were so good, I wish you could taste them. If you are in Los Angles, definitely make a point to stop by their drive-thru when they open in 6 months or so!

After we had the tacos in our hands, we walked down the street towards some art galleries and stores that were open for the artwalk. I felt weird being in my running clothes when people usually dress up but I got over it. At least I wasn’t sweaty or messy looking! And everyone was so eclectic and kookoo that I doubt they noticed! Especially as the art in the galleries was so amazing and inspiring. I loved this huge, high-ceiling building we went into that looked as if it could be Tim Burton’s lair. There were humongous chandeliers and chains hanging that were made of soda can tabs, isn’t that fascinating? And walls made of scrabble letters, a bench made of rulers, glass cases of doll heads, all sorts of crazy stuff like that. It was as if someone from Hoarders had suddenly become very artsy! Besides that gallery, there were a few others we stopped into but none were as exciting.

I forgot to mention- my mom wanted something to drink so we grabbed 50c cans of soda (root beer for me) from a liquor store. And if you give a mouse a soda, it’s going to want one of the red vines sold for 15c on the counter, no matter how creepy the guy behind the counter is! I don’t drink soda often so I couldn’t finish it and I carried it while we ran home. I just realized I didn’t even drink the rest of it so I could’ve thrown it away rather than running home looking like a contradiction! Sheesh. We made it home, funny enough, having consumed more calories than we burned: tacos, soda, red vines, a bit of cheese on cracker at one of the galleries, wine (my mom)…I didn’t mind since I had been too excited to eat much all day in anticipation of the food.

In fact, once home I cleaned up and was about to set out on bike to meet a friend but I couldn’t find my bike light. Going without it would’ve been dangerous and illegal so I was set to walk but ended up getting a ride (makes me cringe since it was only a mile away) with my mom, brother and sister who were going out to get ice cream. I was out to do the same. I know, I’m crazy for being so excited about vegan food then having ice cream after. I don’t have ice cream often though, I prefer munching on frozen fruit (mango or banana) instead. Dairy ice cream makes me feel gross most of the time. But since I knew Lake Street Creamery truck was in town for the artwalk, I couldn’t resist. Last time I had gone was here. This time I went with their special of the day which was Cup O’ Joe. I love coffee ice cream! In fact, a few days ago I went to Kind Kreme (vegan ice cream shop) in Pasadena after a trip to Whole Foods and I had their nut based coffee ice cream. Both vegan and dairy ice creams were so good! How annoying is it though, that I paid $4 for each and KK gave me a large spoonful of a ‘scoop’ in a clear plastic cup that looked like sample cup from WF; while LSC gave me the big scoop of ice cream in a huge waffle bowl. Craziness! Why does vegan food have to be so expensive?!

My friend walked me back home, which was nice because it’s so lovely to walk outside and extra peaceful at night when it’s dark and more calm out. If you have never walked a few miles at night while chatting with a friend, you are missing out! Go do it!

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8 Responses to The Root Beer-Red Vine 5K

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love the mental picture of you running down the street in full runner garb, with an open can of root beer in hand. So funny! Those tacos sound delicious. I love jackfruit, but I’ve only ever had it on its own or in sweet dishes. Kind of intrigued by the idea of making tacos out of it…

  2. Brittany says:

    Those tacos SOUND amazing. I want a vegan taco right meeeooww! High five for yo mama and running with you yay! I love walking to get something to eat, because then I feel like I’ve earned it!

  3. I would like some tacos right now. Thanks, Matt.

  4. Do you have a flashing bike light or one that illuminates your path? I need to get one for my bike. Once school starts, I’ll be working at night again and want to keep riding my bike but I am SO scared to ride at night!

  5. I agree those tacos sound great!!

  6. Amy says:

    yum those tacos sound awesome! i had jackfruit in thailand it was pretty tasty!

  7. mmmmm…tacos! that’s so awesome she ran with you though!

  8. cindylu says:

    My friend has a vegan taco side-business. I’ve only had their tacos at their house parties. The “carne asada” is delicious, but when I tell my friends about it they’re all kind of disgusted and unwilling to try anything new. Even though I eat meat, I’d love to try those vegan carnitas tacos. They look delicious.

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