Pigging Out Vegan

Yesterday Severin and I treated ourselves to some delicious vegan breakfast/snack and lunch in Berkeley. We’re leaving the Bay Area soon (kinda sad but not really) and I will be staying in Los Angeles come fall. Severin will be returning to Berkeley (very sad!!).     [We’re staying together but it’s going to be long-distance obviously… I know awesome people like Kristy and her husband; and Dean Karnazes and his wife were able to do it, so we can too, since we’re awesome too right? Winking smileOkay honestly that’s more what I’ve been like-> Crying face 

But hello, food makes everything better right??


One bite of this bad boy and I was like, Severin who? Cinnaholic needs to come to LA! I’m going to miss them more than Severin. I had the same cinnamon roll (Rocky Road) as last time, boring but it was amazing and I don’t think anything can be better than vegan marshmallows, walnuts, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce! So decadent, I had to share some with Severin. He got the same cinnamon roll (PB&J) as last time simply because he really wanted peanut butter but he wished he had gotten something more indulgent like mine. Not to say he didn’t enjoy his of course.


Oh and even though we’re poor college students, we tipped a dollar. How could I resist?! I can’t stand Will Ferrell and my heart will always lie with Michael Scott Steve Carell. 251

Shaking off the sugar coma, we hopped on a bus to Flacos. I want to take Flacos home with me! The owner is very nice and the atmosphere of this vegan Mexican restaurant is like you’re hanging out at home. I’m going to miss these puppies sooooo much!266

Such perfect fried, faux-meaty goodness. Tuesdays are Taquito Tuesdays so they’re half-off making them $1 each. While I was in the middle of eating one, trying to soak up as much of the yummy avocado salsa, I said “My gosh, are these really vegan?!” and Severin had stopped eating a few minutes before that and was like “I was wondering that too”. That freaked me out for a minute and I realized of course, it is, the whole place is a vegan restaurant! It’s just that the texture of the taquito ‘meat’ is so spot-on! I could eat these by the barrel but I stopped at 3; too much of a good thing never turns out well. We had water and an agua fresca fresa (homemade organic fresh strawberry juice) to drink.


If you are ever in the area, go visit these places! Maybe not in the same day though like we did. After a quick Trader Joe’s shopping trip, we were on the bus home and we kept falling asleep! Too much good stuff! Naps, lots of water and some frozen mango had us feeling ready to tackle homework for the evening. Dinner was nearly vegan.


I made some oatmeal pizza (sorry no recipe because I just threw stuff together) topped with fresh basil-olive oil-garlic as sauce, then broccoli, tofu and a small sprinkling of feta. *It looks like there’s a lot of feta but that’s actually crumbled tofu. Oops, I think I accidentally fooled Severin.

And in case you’re like what?! Where’s the veggies?! We had a ton of spinach in our smoothies this morning. Along with flax and all that other good hippie stuff.


Congrats to my dad for waking up at 5am to do 9 miles this past Sunday at a 9:35 pace! CRAZY!

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14 Responses to Pigging Out Vegan

  1. Amy says:

    oh my gosh..all the food on this post looks amazing! what is that top pic? i want that right now, whatever it is! hah

  2. Amy says:

    i just looked up that restaurant…that is so awesome!!! yummmm

  3. Aw, good luck with the long distance! do you know how long will it be for? My boyfriend and I have been long distance since we met 4.5 years ago and we are moving in together in a month! Scary, I know. He’s only been about an hour away for the past 2 years so we see each other a bunch, but I know it’s not the same.

    • hippierunner says:

      Thanks, wow that’s a long time! I think it will be like 2 or 3 years, minus summers as we’ll see each other then. I’m happy for you guys that you’ll be together soon!

  4. Melinh says:

    Flacos! I’ve never been but it always looks tempting. Have fun back in LA. I’ve done long distance and it’s not too bad.
    OMG I’ll mail you Cinnaholic. Cinnaholic is like crack

  5. You guys have some good food over there!

  6. Ma Ma Megan says:

    Yikes. I’m sorry you guys have to do the long distance thing.😦 Good luck! Distance makes the heart grow fonder right? You two will make it🙂

    Awesome day of foods it looks like you guys had! I have no vegan restaurants where I live.. Kind of sucks but oh well – eating out is expensive anyway!😉

  7. lilly says:

    I literally live 3 blocks from that Cinnaholic and have never been. I think these pictures will make me change that very soon, although it is going to be hard to decide which to try first😀

  8. runyogarepeat says:

    Seriously, I miss Steve Carrell on the Office already, it’s just not the same! Good luck with the long distance! I did it last year, and Skype was awesome, and it made me appreciate the time we did get to spend together.

  9. I love that tip jar! I’m trying to get a job right now, and if I do I’m definitely using that.
    Sorry about the long distance thing. Me and my boyfriend did long distance this year and it was no picnic. That sounds really discouraging, but we’re such opposites that its hard to be apart and understand each other. At least you’ve lived with Severin, so you two definitely know who to communicate and stuff.
    My roommate has been long distance from her navy boyfriend since they met, and they are the closest couple I’ve ever seen. You can definitely do it, it just takes work!

  10. I go to school in Berkeley and I still haven’t made it to Cinnaholic! I’m thinking it needs to happen as a post-finals reward on Friday.
    All of this food looks delicious!

  11. My god, those desserts look incredible!!

    Sorry to hear about a long distance relationship😦

  12. I’m scheduling a trip across the bay just to go back to Cinnaholic.

    Don’t think I’m not serious.🙂

  13. The bay area will missss youuuu. and i’m sure you can do the long dsitance thing though it might be kind of sad sometimes❤

    we'll be here to bake you cookies though, no worries😉 Why are you staying in LA?

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