Newly Converted Cinnaholic

Over the weekend, Severin and I definitely had our share of vegan sweets!

It began innocently enough, with some Oh She Glow’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa Severin was nice enough to make that while I worked on homework that ended up having the due date pushed back. Don’t you hate when that happens?! The cocoa was soo good, amazingly rich especially considering it was made with fat-free coconut milk (the only kind available at Trader Joe’s). It is great hot but if you leave some in the pot til it cools down, it becomes almost fudgey- a perfect thing to dip your fingers into! Yum.

Yep, that's me in the background. Severin took pics for me w his camera!

It was a chilly, chilly day and I thought the perfect way to warm up after class and celebrate someone’s birthday would be to grab some Cinnamon Rolls! Now, this might seem kinda silly, especially as I am not the biggest fan of cinnamon. But ever since I read this on Quarrygirl, I knew I’d have to go. So we walked up the street and were about to enter a Sweet Tooth Heaven for Vegans Cinnaholic when we stopped first to taste one of the samples sitting on a stool in front of the store. Thinking back, I have no idea why I thought to trust food sitting on a stool out in the open, unwatched, in Berkeley of all places. But I did and the taste of a freshly baked cookie was worth it! Gooey and soft but not overly sweet! However, this was no time to get distracted when there were some rolls to be had! In case anyone is wondering, we paid $10 for 2 rolls, not bad considering they’re vegan and were way more than just cinnamon rolls!

Cinnaholic is a cute little shop with friendly employees. Maybe almost too accomodating- Severin and I had just stepped in and were taking in the large menu, trying to figure out what looked best. Obviously it all sounded amazing so we took awhile debating (in our heads and with each other). For the first 5 minutes we were just standing reading the menu, taking our time as we were the only ones inside. During that time the guy behind the counter stood directly in front of us, waiting for our order. I did not like feeling pressured! But none of this mattered once we tasted the cinnamon rolls. In fact, at that point, nothing mattered at all! At first bite, I was giving a weird smile while eating because it was that good!

Severin ordered a Specialty Roll- Peanut Butter and Jelly. He loved it so much he saved the box to lick clean! After going back and forth between the S’more and Rocky Road, I made my decision, a Specialty Roll- Rocky Road! I realized this would have nuts (yum!) vs the graham crackers (blech!) a S’more would have. *Enjoy the rest of the photos, which are in no particular order because my computer is having a hard time handling such yummy content.

Amazing! Everything was warm and melty. One of the best desserts-not just best vegan, but best overall- I have ever had! I made myself eat only half so I could look dainty enjoy some the next day. The vegan marshmallows (Dandies) were so perfectly fluffy yet chewy! And the roll itself was amazing- crisp on outside and softer in the middle. I was happy to realize that there wasn’t that much of a cinnamon flavor as there was so much else going on (in a good way). Severin said his, the PB&J, tasted like french toast with peanut butter and jelly. We both couldn’t tell it was vegan. And we were both (sadly?) exclaiming that we had never felt more alive. I promise we’re not koo-koo it was just that amazing! I hate to tease you all! Luckily you can buy them online! Not with all the toppings and everything but the original kind as well as their flavored frostings.

*Writing this post made me kinda sad. I miss my Rocky Road cinnamon roll and all the good times we had!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend SEVERIN! 20 years ago you were born & for that I am so grateful because you’re a great person & I am lucky to know you and call you my boyfriend!

Mmmm, piiiiizzza!


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7 Responses to Newly Converted Cinnaholic

  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh my goodness. Those look AMAZING! When I first read your title, I misread it as newly RECOVERED cinnaholic. I was wondering who on earth would want to recover from a love of cinnamon! Ha!

  2. Andrea Garcia says:

    As your mother who also is not a big cinnamon fan, I’m glad you’ve decided to accept cinnamon is part of our world and can make things taste delicious (in moderation). I am grateful too for having Severin in your life (and ours) and I hope he had a good day sharing the evening with his favorite person.

  3. This is so funny that I found your blog today! I am currently living in berkeley and have been DYING to try cinnaholic since I got here! I absolutely MUST go this weekend! It looks amazing.

  4. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG i want to eat this screen!

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