Well Ain’t I Cultured Part 2

Let’s pick up from Well Ain’t I Cultured.

That evening Severin and I ate some leftover pasta with veggies before we headed out for our night on the town. It was the second Saturday of the month, Northeast LA (NELA) ArtWalk! It’s called ArtWalk and walk we did to neighborhood art galleries and boutiques. We did not walk to all of them! I heard that would mean a trip of 14 miles! Yikes! What we did was take off from my house and went no further than 2 miles to meet up with friends and more importantly hit up the food trucks!

I heard that Frysmith, Fresh Fries LA and Lake Street Creamery were going to be present. Not too far from my house we spotted the Frysmith truck but decided to move on in search of Fresh Fries. We had tried Frysmith previously, at the inaugural Los Angeles Flea Market at the Dodger Stadium this summer. I think we had ordered the vegan chili fries; I don’t recall them being too remarkable so I was excited to try Fresh Fries to compare.

Oh yeah the art was interesting too. I had a fun time looking at everything. The theme of one art gallery was birds and I love birds. They’re such beautiful creatures! This was my favorite painting-wasn’t sure if photo taking was allowed so it’s not the best picture as we were trying to be sly.

Isn't this little guy so adorable?

 We also passed by a children’s clothing store with a great window display.

I want this!

Now onto the food! I was very excited to eat from the Fresh Fries LA truck because they are vegetarian and vegan! That means we could choose from anything on the menu-what a treat! Severin and I had a tough time trying to figure out what we wanted. We decided we were going to split one order as I heard the portion was pretty big and we wanted to save room for ice cream after! We first decided on garlic fries (too typical), then onion and dressing (too In-n-Out), then Severin suggested bleu cheese (creeps me out a bit!). I decided to step outside my comfort zone, (indulge Severin as he loves Indian food) and went for Curry fries!

yellow curry, mango, red curry

I realize that does not look incredibly appetizing. But it tasted so good! The curry was more sweet than anything else; there was no spice at all to it which was almost dissapointing. Would I get it again? I think so. I was proud of myself for ordering and liking this, as curry is a dish I am definitely not familiar with.

We ate these sitting on the curb with a Pepsi. Because we’re classy like that. After we finished, we wandered around waiting for our 2 friends to arrive, via bus and bike. They ended up running into each other and we found them walking to meet us! Cheers for green travel!

Those two were hungry and both decided on sweet potato fries. They drove me crazy for both ordering the same thing! I thought a wiser choice would have been to get one sweet potato order and another of anything else. But they didn’t listen and we even ended up with leftover fries. These fries I did not love.

Sweet potato fries with hummus.

Then it was my favorite part of the night! ICE CREAM!

Ice cream is serious business. I wasn’t going to hear of anyone ordering the same thing as someone else because I wanted to be able to taste as many flavors as possible. We spent a few minutes figuring it out, trying to be frugal at the same time. That is why my hands weren’t cupping ice cream! We figured out it was cheaper to buy ice cream by the double scoop rather than individual scoop. So J and I ordered the special of the night and got 2 scoops of it to share: Banana ice cream with nutella swirls. We concluded that the banana flavor tasted very artificial; “Laffy Taffy!” we both realized. But it was still very good; I haven’t had Nutella in a loooong time. I went a little crazy and accidentally ate too much of the cup without eating the same ratio of ice cream, making it awkward for J to hold. Oops! 

The next flavor to try was our other friend’s: Aztec Sacrifice (Ghiradelli chocolate, chiles, cayenne and the blood of a thousand virgins).

I was scared to try this and found out I had reason to. My mouth and throat were on fire and I could feel the burn of the chile! No idea how he managed to eat the whole scoop.

To calm my mouth, I dived into Severin’s scoop of Donut which tasted amazing and just like a donut! It is seriously confusing to the senses. Very hard to describe. 

I then had a taste of his Holiday Chocolate: Ghiradelli chocolate with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, Tahitian vanilla and bits of fresh ground ginger. Severin really liked the combination of flavors together; I’m not a cinnamon fan but it still tasted pretty good to me. We walked back to my house, so in all it was a 4 mile walk for us.

What crazy ice cream flavor would you like to come up with? I asked my brother who replied “Eggy Burrito”. Weirdo! This question had come up after watching Extreme Foods and saw there was an ice cream parlor that had 500 flavors, some like pizza and Fruity Pebbles. I think I’d like something like French Toast with maple syrup and blueberries! 

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5 Responses to Well Ain’t I Cultured Part 2

  1. WOW those are some monster munchies!

  2. Curry fries? Sweet Potato with hummus?!

  3. I love that painting of the bird! It’s so simple, and the colors are great.

    All your eats look amazing! If you like Nutella, you have to try Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter…sooo good. That holiday chocolate sounds fantastic, too!

  4. OMGGG fries and ice creamm. Like my 2 favorite foods.
    Hope the semester is going well for you!

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