Oh yes I did.

I just SIGNED UP for the L.A. MARATHON!

It started as an idea I’d been toying with for awhile. Since my last marathon to be exact.

Where I pretty much FAILED miserably! It was my most painful run ever but I deserved to suffer because I foolishly did not prepare at all for that, my second marathon and it definitely showed! My longest run was probably a mere 6 miles! That was not smart.

It was the complete opposite experience of my first marathon, which was so fun that it seemed to just fly by. As I crossed the finish line, I remember thinking, what, that was it?!

Here are the time differences between a race ran with training (4:06)

and one without (5:51).

A 2 hour difference! Worse than that I was sore for a week afterwards.

Have I learned my lesson? I think so. Not only am I at a better fitness level than I was when I attempted marathon #2 but I am going to be disciplined and started training today! That means I have around 14 weeks to train!

I was in a good mood (despite the crazy rain!) because I was let off work early, then spent an hour on the phone listening to my brother read me recipes he thought I’d like from a Star Wars cookbook. Still laughing over his description of a photo of a miniature Obi-Wan slicing cake with a light saber, I read some blogs and browsed through Runner’s World. Then I laced up my old shoes and threw on shorts, a long sleeve and a water wicking shirt over that. I knew that since it was raining ferociously outside, there would be no one on the sidewalks and I’d have them all to myself! I ran 4 miles in about half an hour and then chased a bus for the third time today once I saw Alskling on it, returning home from school.

We made dinner once we got home.

A Dr.Praeger’s burger on TJ’s WW bun with brocc and zucch on the side along with the rare treat of very sinful, neon orange-yellow Target brand mac and cheese from a box!

And just for fun, here’s last night’s dinner, courtesy of Alskling!

Do yourself a favor and throw some black beans and water in a pot along with some onion and then prepare to be amazed! And don’t forget the guacamole!

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  1. Oh how exciting!!! That’s great!

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