Weekend Recap Part 1

We arrived in LA Thursday at the ungodly hour of 2 AM. A full night of sleep was very much desired but not something I got a whole lot of this past weekend because I had a 6 AM wake up call every morning in the form of a 7 year old ball of energy bouncing on me until I’d roll out of bed to start the day. More efficient than an alarm clock, it runs on Wii, sunshine and ‘eggy burritos’, making it a great gift for friends and family! Warning: Can often be found popping in and out of random places! Likely in search of food!

         I was intent on running 7miles but mid-run realized I would have to cut the run short because lack of sleep+sitting in car for 7 hrs+inadequate breakfast did not lead to a fun time. Who was I kidding thinking it would?! Fortunately this meant I’d now have time to hang out with basically the most awesome person I know (besides Alskling lol), my best friend J. J is amazing because he is incredibly kind, accepting, sweet and hilarious besides being a dedicated (and super fast) runner. I turned him veggie (whoo-whoo!) and he turned me into a Gaga fanatic (whoo-hoo?). He and I accompanied my mom while she ran an errand at the mall and I took advantage of passing through the food court to start the eating out habit I was determined to take on for the next four days.

Hot Dog On A Stick it was! Veggie corn dog on a stick is more like it, with a side of fries and a cherry lemonade. Not exactly food you want to spend eating out money on (fries are easy to make and lemonade and veggie corn dogs can be found cheap at TJ’s) but I was hungry and that was the best option and it is so good sometimes! Luckily the pain of spending $ on fast food was cushioned by the fact that the super friendly J was of couse, friends with the cashier who kindly surprised us with an unexpected friend discount!  :)

 That evening I met up with Alskling and we found ourselves at Oinksters. Sans camera again! oops! :/  I had a veggie burger with fries because I was absolutely starved at this point and just wanted to fill ‘er up! Afterwards Alskling and I walked the 2 miles home which I enjoyed very much because I am the biggest fan of walking as a mode of transportation. It’s better for the environment than anything else and I simply love being outdoors much more than indoors! Told ya I was a hippie!

I’d love to say I got home and enjoyed my favorite Thursday night shows but I was still so car-lagged I went to sleep at the granny hour of 8! All the better to prepare for another early morning!

To be continued…

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