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The Adventure that is Craigslist

Craigslist. What did I do before I visited this site? Craigslist is brilliant in so many ways. Through CL I have found jobs, rides, stuff and learned about community events. I will go into detail about jobs in this post. A few years … Continue reading

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Oh yes I did.

I just SIGNED UP for the L.A. MARATHON! It started as an idea I’d been toying with for awhile. Since my last marathon to be exact. Where I pretty much FAILED miserably! It was my most painful run ever but I … Continue reading

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I’m No Fool (Video)

But I am Fullness! I’d like to share something that makes me laugh and hopefully you will find it entertaining as well! It involves vegetarian food and my frugal and hippie self. It’s a video that was filmed during the … Continue reading

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Friday Fuel

Friday was a much needed day of rest. I lazed around until I was hungry. Since we were out of typical morning eats like oatmeal, eggs, cereal and I wasn’t in the mood for a smoothie (GASP!), breakfast my first … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Cue Michelle Branch and Santana, circa 2002. Anyone? I feel like I haven’t posted in forever! I mean to, especially since I’m been making food and eating it; doing frugal things; being a hippie; working out: all things I said … Continue reading

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Curry it Up Already!

Alsking is a much more adventerous eater than I am. Raised vegan while growing up outside of the US, he has more experience with different types of food than I do. He adores falafel and can be caught licking his lips anytime he thinks … Continue reading

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Quick-fire Dinner: Spaghetti!

I felt like having pasta for dinner tonight although I occasionally claim to dislike pasta. All the years of carbo-loading before high school races has me bored of it! Maybe my body was craving the carbs after waking up early … Continue reading

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Cooking Dry Beans

Beans are a great vegetarian/vegan source of protein. The modest pinto and black beans are the ones I have experience cooking. I grew up eating refried pinto beans cooked by my Nana and I never grow tired of them. Since … Continue reading

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Vegan Lemony Tofu Tacos

I looked into an empty fridge today-not to worry, a grocery store trip was taken eventually! And wondered what we would have for dinner..I checked the freezer and saw emergency Boca burgers but didn’t want to turn to those too … Continue reading

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Green and Crunchy

Was anyone else a reader of the now defunct Green and Crunchy? I am absolutely devastated by the fact that that site is no longer up. I used to get so many great ideas from it! :(  I dedicate this … Continue reading

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